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Jazz & Movies vol. II
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Jazz & Movies vol. II - Bocconi Jazz Business United
Jazz & Movies vol. II
Film music is evocative of images and jazz is evocative of eras: what the best ingredients for the soundtrack for a journey? Well, Jazz & Movies II is a passionate journey, amused, sometimes touched and unpredictable, among Detective TV series and Legal thrillers from the 60s, 70s and 80s, among Science Fiction Cult movies and Damn movies from the 70s, all of them evoked by themes and soundtracks BJBU proposes in jazz style. The preferred form is the suite, which allows each tune to perform a little journey in several directions, offering a synthesis of those languages that have characterized the various eras of jazz. They range from the Dixieland and stride piano of Cantina Band to the funky and electric jazz of Ironside Suite, passing through the Wheelerian rarefied atmospheres of M.A.S.H. and the afro-free contaminations of The Saint Suite and you can find, within the articulated structures of each tune, wide space for open solos and interplay. Evocative themes, unexpected arrangements, personal sounds of musicians and project concept make Jazz & Movies II an enjoyable and genuine record, where you can perceive the passion and fun of its creators and an authentic, but not too serious, intent.


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