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Gravity Train
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Gravity Train - Oz Robł trio Feat. Javier Girotto
Gravity Train
Oz Robu is a trio in force for several years and in continue and surprising evolution.. The union of Oz Robu trio with Javier Girotto has been shown to be effective immediately. Beautiful compositions, very incisive melodies, embellished by the poignant mood of the great saxophone Javier Girotto. With Javier, the music flowing out naturally from the very first note. Without any particular planning, what shines through in this record is the Mediterranean character and the various influences, jazz rock and pop, that have marked the professional growth of the trio. These influences,together with Javier's Argentinian roots, have created a sound that in some way follows the fine borderline between musical genres and cultures that has fascinated Oz Robł trio right from the beginning. The expression "gravity train" immediately struck us for the suggestiveness that its meaning evokes. If we could theoretically drill through the earth from any point to another, letting ourselves fall freely, we would take just over forty-two seconds to reach the other side. This is the phenomenon we call gravity train, and it is a remarkable demonstration of how powerful the force of gravity can be - one of the most mysterious phenomena that exists. We know now it acts but not what it is generated from; and yet it governs the laws of the Universe and enables us to live. Despite the fact that it is an intangible and invisible element, we come to learn about it from birth because we can never do without it. Exactly the same thing can be said about music.


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