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Passio - Alessandro Giachero ensemble
Alessandro Giachero, has developed in recent years one of the most unique synthesis processes and musical research about the practice piano and improvisation. Superfine pianist who has worked for years playing in the European quartet of Anthony Braxton and co-founder of the group T.E.E. (Tri Razional Eccentric) with drummer Marco Zanoli and bassist Stefano Risso (Abeat Abjz 037,043,063,088), and concomitantly with Stefano Battaglia (Abeat Abjz 131, Horus) . Giachero, in this new work, develops a course, as always very original, using an array of symphonic ensemble together with a typically rhythmic jazz. His music is refined and cultured, certainly one of the greatest expression of the avant-garde music in our country. From liner notes : "Passio" is a work focused on writing material, and the musical process resulting from the writing itself within a large ensemble. The composed material, consciously and very clearly, wants to go beyond any musical languages, striving to produce internal homogeneity of the musical material itself. The aspects of music are taken into consideration both in the writing process, as in the compositional material, and during the open improvised sections. This research to go far beyond the language is the main subject in "Passio". Through the manipulation of the musical material, we move away from every preconceived aesthetics and stylistic material. In this way I want to get closer and closer to the essence and the deeper meaning of music. Not only in the improvisation, but also in the composition, we must find and reach this depth and this consistency to be able to have that meaning. In this period of cultural and social changing, our coherence with our own material and the absence and the lack of compromise within our own work ,make it, in my opinion, more clear about our own research . Delivering these dynamics within the society and in our social and cultural landscape is fundamental for our human "renaissence" .


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