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Billie Holiday project
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Billie Holiday project - Sonia Spinello, Maurizio Brunod, Lorenzo Cominoli
Billie Holiday project
To mark the centenary of the birth of Billie Holiday, three musicians of the national jazz scene offer their personal tribute to this great artist merging their musical personalities so different in a fascinating harmony of opposites. "Billie Holiday Project" is a journey into the life and songs by one of the greatest interpreters of jazz of all time. Billie is speaking through the voice of Sonia Spinello (as an audiobook) and tell of a troubled life made of meetings too often unfortunate, abuses, injustice, but also a lot of beautiful music: music that is of medicine of soul. the songs fit into the story as many black and white photographs depicting the protagonist and are describing perfectly, through his songs, every torment and all joy. Maurizio Brunod, with its modern language and experimental use of effects and loops, contaminates the more rigorous and traditional style of jazz guitarist Lorenzo Cominoli, creating a melt point between modernity, tradition and elegance. The eclectic voice, rich of colors of Sonia Spinello, paints a modern and never banal take of the most famous songs of BIllie Holiday : the "Lady singing the Blues."

Spinello Sonia - vocal, reciter
Cominoli Lorenzo - classical guitar, acoustic guitar, archtop guitar
Brunod Maurizio - electric guitar , live sampling & loop

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