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Inner sounds
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Inner sounds - Claudio Fasoli double quartet
Inner sounds
Claudio Fasoli, wrote some of the most significant pages of Italian and European jazz. Suffice it to recall his countless collaborations with the likes of Henri Texier caliber, Mick Goodrick, Lee Konitz, Jean-François Jenny-Clark, Aldo Romano, Kenny Wheeler, Bill Elgart, Manfred Schoof, Michel Pilz, Palle Danielsson, Tony Oxley. Along with Franco D'Andrea, Giovanni Tommaso and Bruno Biriaco he founded I PERIGEO, one of the most popular jazz- band in the seventies… Fasoli is an Artist with original ideas and avant-garde. Once again surprising us, with a new musical project by Abeat, proposing a project with an original conception and marked by the curious and very atypical ensemble : a double quartet : the "FOUR Quartet" plus the "SAMADHI 4et". The original compositions for this new work titled "Inner Sounds", take their cue from a path of thematic elaboration of a work commissioned on the occasion of a performance dedicated to Wystan Hugh Auden, one of the great English poet of the 900, who wrote, among other works, a collection of seven poems titled "Horae canonicae". Fasoli has composed seven songs, which summarily retain the structure of the seven poems. The evocative and contemplative setting of individual episodes are stimulating : each musical chapter presents an endless series of musical frames of different weight timbral and dynamic, rapidly evolving towards situations sometimes complementary and unpredictable; Fasoli created a detailed sound stage giving us continuous emotions. Though strongly inspired by W.H. Auden’s Horae Canonicae and spiritually related to the poet’s words, Claudio Fasoli’s music has no links to the rhythm of the poet’s verse. Rather than any direct tie to the poetry one could instead speak of a reflective musical commentary. The titles follow the order of the canonical hours of Auden’s poem. Fasoli is not trying to describe anything specific with this music, only intense feelings. Each of the seven cuts in fact has its own unique expressive mood. (Trad. Lawrence G.Smith)

Fasoli Claudio - tenor and soprano sax
Gassman Michael - trumpet and flugelhorn
Calgaro Michele - electric guitar
Calgaro Lorenzo - doublebass
Bertoncini Gianni - drums, electronics
Zanoli Marco - drums
Lamacchia Andrea - piano
Decorato Michele - doublebass

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