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Haiku time
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Haiku time - Claudio Fasoli Samandhi quintet
Haiku time
If there is an artist able to surprise us each time, this is precisely Claudio Fasoli. This time the inspiration is taken from Japan in particular by the HAIKU, Japanese poems of only 27 syllables (or morae) whose codes suggested a brevity in the exposed musical themes, in the length of the titles and in some improvised interventions. The idea is to condense and compress in the smallest possible sound space some messages and emotions. A career at the service of the art of sounds has shown Fasoli the most effective and least expensive way to be communicative in a direct, effective, powerful, way and above all "real". Haiku time, therefore, looks like a new extraordinary episode of an artist who has written some of the most significant pages of Italian and European jazz together with artists such as Henri Texier, Mick Goodrick, Lee Konitz, Jean-François Jenny Clark, Aldo Romano , Kenny Wheeler, Bill Elgart, Manfred Schoof, Michel Pilz, Palle Danielsson, Tony Oxley. How to not forget that with Franco D'Andrea, Giovanni Tommaso and Bruno Biriaco founded the PERIGEO Fasoli is not trying to describe anything specific with this music, only intense feelings. Each of the seven cuts in fact has its own unique expressive mood. (Trad. Lawrence G.Smith)


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