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Symbiosis - Marco Zanoli
SYMBIOSIS / SIMBIOSI "Cohabitation between two or more organisms belonging to different species, genres, divisions and kingdoms. Association or coexistence, close relationship, fusion of different elements" The term "symbiosis" clarifies and fully indicates the basic idea of the new project signed by Marco Zanoli as a leader. The symbiosis describes a relationship between the composer's ego and the music on one hand, and a relationship between different instrumental voices within the compositions on the other. But, in a broader sense, it is also a perfect metaphor of the relationship between human beings and the environment, between man and earth; a primordial bond of constant interdependence, a symbiosis that determines the continuity of life itself. The idea of writing and arranging music for the quintet consisting of a rhythm section with an addition of voice and cello was born in 2017. For this project, Marco invited musicians that share his artistic and research paths and values for years: Stefano Risso and Alessandro Giachero, co-leaders of the T.R.E. That has been founded by them together with Marco Zanoli back in 2002, Giorgia Barosso a vocalist, composer, arranger and Marco's long-time collaborator, as well as a cellist Marco Di Fonte. Five voices converge in a single symbiotic meaning of music: defining and dialoguing in a unique and universal language. Albeit most of the music are original compositions of Marco Zanoli specifially written for this project, on this CD one can also find a few takes on works of Paul Motian, a drummer and composer who has always been a great source of inspiration for Zanoli. The music is revealed through melodies embellished with echoes originating from authentic contemporary European and Armenian music, a relentless pursuit of invention, an alternation of dense and rarefied soundscapes, a continuous play of light and shadow. A listener is welcomed into a timeless dimension able to guide them into a total symbiosis of the purity of the sound and the most intimate and deep meaning of music.

Risso Stefano - doublebass
Giachero Alessandro - piano
Zanoli Marco - drums
Barosso Giorgia - voice
Di Fonte Marco - cello

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