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In volo
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In volo - Michele Perruggini
In volo
In the previous album as a leader t (abjz 543 "attraverso la nebbia"by Abeat ) Michele Perruggini had already anticipated his talent as an imaginative and original composer, among other things as a drummer, something not particularly common for the Italian scene. With this new work Perruggini even gets rid of the instrumental burden, renouncing even the role of drummer (anyway he continues to play at high levels) to put himself exclusively in that of the composer and arranger, thus giving us one of the most interesting, creative and evocative album that Abeat has had the pleasure of publishing in his almost twenty years of activity. A true poetry in music. Without hesitation and without doubts this work bears witness to a fascinating universal vision where the "microcosm and the moment" become the fulcrum for an engaging and intriguing parable from beginning to end. Michele Perruggini reminds us in essence that thanks to music, poetry and above all to successful compositions and arrangements, the human soul can improve. Together with the best of the national-apulian scene, he shows an alternation of lyrical, melodic interventions, adding often precious soloist frames. Certainly a record not to be missed! Below we report a significant description of the concept of the album by the same author, Michele Perruggini Time is an illusion. Our life could last more than a century. But even then, if you looked back only an instant would seem to have passed. And how much determination, grief, anxiety, intrigue, emotion and love are to be found in an instant, so tiny and insignificant compared to the infinity that I can behold when I look up. Unflappable, it reminds me of billion of galaxies travelling at unthinkable speeds. They are born, they die, they explode, they implode, in the time of innumerable lives. And yet, for this precious instant we would give anything, frantically projected towards more and more unnatural rhythms. Rare heroic outbursts, usual cruelties. We have been fighting the frustration of our transience for so long, always searching for the eternal. Oftentimes forgetting that only pure love gives profound peace. Regardless of how much or how little life remains, celebrating each instant, thoroughly and slowly tasting it, means living a full life. Thus firm memories are forged, and time finally seems to slow down its pace. We are stardust, constantly in flight, and like dust, all together and united with the whole, we shine while constantly changing.MICHELE PERRUGGINI


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