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Anastomosi - R.Alessi, B.Coppa, M.Mitchell, D.Gress, Endslay
«Anastomosi» is a musical project well-developed with the main exponents of new york area animated by the willingness to experiment with different musical language.The point of reference is the european avant-garde meeting afro-american culture with some indian and indonesian elements.The innovating factors are the «form « and the «musical writing»that are permitting the co-existance between some approach in all appereance distance. The summary is an acoustics very stimulating permitting to compose and decompose freely the various elements : the classic form of «il contrappunto», the concept of circularity,cycle, polyphony, polyrhithm,polymetry and «palindomia». Very inusual and interesting is the management timbre that is alternating from a classic contemporary ensamble to a traditional jazz quintet. Extraordinary expressive balance.

Coppa Biagio - tenor and soprano
Alessi Ralph - trumpet
Shane Endslay - Drums
Gress Drew - Double bass

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