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Ioanna Music Company
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Ioanna Music Company - Carmine Ioanna
Ioanna Music Company
Carmine Ioanna is one of the most interesting and popular accordion players on the international scene. His curriculum allows you to describe him as an eclectic musician and artist with 360-degree holdings in the field of music and theater. He boasts collaborations in every corner of the world. Endowed with an interesting compositional vein he has designed this new work, published by Abeat Records, and with the example title: IOANNA MUSIC COMPANY. A record born in one go, after many months of isolation, necessarily far from the stage. The idea was to form a company, like the theater companies of the past, where music and moments of life can be shared. To do this, Carmine Ioanna involved some musicians and technicians of great profile and affinity. As in all companies, the various characters bring different facets corresponding to the different stories and personalities. And when men are artists of great stature, the result can only be remarkable. The music becomes a story to the point that everyone can read many different things in it, which do not necessarily coincide with the inspiration of the initial composer. As the author himself says: "the composition is no longer mine but also of those who participated in the operation". To achieve this, it is necessary to have vision, compositional strength, expressive intensity and leadership skills. All attributes that our Carmine Ioanna certainly does not lack. The disc was recorded live in a provincial theater, Carmine's place of belonging and a suitable place to restart!

Pizza Gerardo - alto sax on track 1
Castellano Daniele - guitar on track 2
Franco Giampiero - drums
Bearzatti Francesco - tenor sax and clarinet on tracks 3,8
Capone Eric - piano, keyboards
Ioanna Carmine - accordion
Montesano Giovanni - bass, doublebass
Martel Sophie - soprano sax on track 3

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